Hi, I’m Sarah Twigg Doyle, an interiorevents and. commercial stylist and colour consultant. I am fortunate to have been able to take a life-long passion - some would say obsession - for interiors and turn it into a career.


If you follow me on social media or my blog, you’ll know I’m a colour loving maximalist. I enjoy sharing my passion for eclectic, vintage-inspired interiors with my followers and clients alike. By coaching and encouraging people to be that step braver with their own choices. My aim is to enable them to create their dream spaces.


I firmly believe our houses should be an expression of who we are and reflect our personalities. By using the right palette of colours and materials you can create a unique interior with real wow factor! Then you can create magical, creative spaces, allowing home to feel joyful to spend time in; a place to proudly welcome guests.

For my commercial clients, I enable them to style their businesses and products to maximise their revenue.  potential.

Whether it's buying the gorgeous print cushion that makes your heart leap (even though you know your partner will hate it) or painting a wall in a colour you never thought you’d be brave enough to choose. I have a background in Life Coaching, so for me it’s about empowerment! Saying no to vanilla, not settling for the safe option, ignoring those ‘what if I go off it?’ ‘what if friends/family won’t like it?’ doubts. Sure, a beautiful interior won’t solve world problems, but it will make home the stylish haven you crave; a place in which you can live your best life!


Whilst many of us, myself included, have champagne tastes, the reality is our budgets often only stretch to lemonade. With a background in upcycling, I am well-versed. in developing schemes on limited budgets, with a reuse, recycle mentality. Far from inhibiting creativity, I think a limited budget can often enhance it.


I live in Bray, County Wicklow in an eco new-build, with my husband and DIY sidekick, Gavin, our two children, Noah and Olivia, and our slightly overweight cat Freddie.


I dream of one day owning a beautiful character property, complete with period features, a walled garden and an outbuilding or two, but until then, this is home and we love it….